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4th Aug, 2012


Why? I don't fucking know!

1st Aug, 2012


Orgasm Day

bed20sexGuys, I hope that all of you had enjoy the orgasm day...whatever way you enjoy it!!! 


Night, Night
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30th Jul, 2012


Series & Fics

Helloooooo Dear flist!!!

Can someone rec me communities and/or personal LJ pages about these series:
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Teen Wolf
  • Hush Hush series
  • Vampire Academy Series

I'm starving for fics of these fandoms. This time I'd like to read more different gender fics. I don't care if it's cannon. And I wouldn't mind if they were slash (though I'm not a fan of femmeslash)

I'm really looking foward to read these fandoms!

And, of course, I wouldn't mind some HP fics...GOOD ones!!! heheheheh

Please, guys, help me!!! :D

28th Jul, 2012


Fics & Kinks


thesuperhusbands (via Tumblr):

fics make you discover kinks you never knew you had

True story!

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I forgot to ask!!!

Any of you can rec me a very good male/preg HD???

Which are the best that you've been reading, dear flist?

*pleeeeease, don't forget me*

*wink, wink*

HD male pregnancy



I've just found out this on facebook.
It's been YEARS since the last time I've read a HD male pregnancy... huh...yes, years. I've been reading some HPSS male pregnancy, though...hehehheeh

I really miss all the fics I read and all those that I've used to find here on LJ. I hope that soon I'll be able to do it again...heheh :D

And she's back!!!

Yes dear flist!!!

I'm back!!!

Well, I guess that I've been away from LJ for 2 years!!! *shame on me*

RL managed to keep me away from here. It also kept me away from fandom...actually, it kept me away from a lot of things!!!

Anyway, asap I'll post more!!!

tumblr_lxgt68BQwd1r9evt1o1_500 Now, Morpheus is getting annoyed because he's calling me for hours to go to bed! Why piss off the god, huh?

Night, night, folks!!! ;-)
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12th May, 2010

Dance like nobody's watching

Ballet Shoes or Two Left Feet...

Hello, dear flist!!!!

I'm alive, as it seems!!! I have been away from LJ for a while due to RL (always RL). But now, I found a little time to write something.

Since last month, a lot of things have been happening. I found a temporary kind of job. I worked too much but I liked it a lot. I received an offer of job in my area of expertise and I wasn't waiting for that...I'm still telling myself that it is true, that I'll finally work as a Psychologist. I'm very happy about that. One of my male friends did something that I'm still not believing...I'm still surprised and don't know what to think about that. I surprised a few people as well; I'm having a few problems with communication at home...but the thing that I really want to talk about is my ballroom dance classes!

I started them last week. And since my first day of class, I felt like my teacher was asking for all the Saints for patience to deal with me. In my second day, I notice that it was one of the instructors that was praying for patience. I tried to ask what was wrong by asking something else like "You're looking tired. Have you been giving classes all day long today?" The guy told me that he had been working during all day and that after that class there was another one to give. Hum...maybe...but I didn't buy all the story.

Then, today, when my teacher gave me his hand and I took it so we could dance, I felt that stare as if he was trying to not look annoyed. And we had to keep changing pairs as well and it seems that all the instructors and the teacher (all of them are men) didn't like to have me as a partner. I started to think that I had two left feet. And whenever I had to dance with one of them, I joked saying "sorry, but I have two left feet". One of them gave me a fake smile and the next thing I knew, he was expressionless and dancing with me. The other, which was kinder, told me "what about two right feet?"I smiled at him, but he kept serious and dancing with me. Then, we had to do a pass in which we had to touch our navels and kept dancing. But I was trying to dance faster so I wouldn't lose my balance or be behind his pass...so, it was as if I was pressing my body against his unnecessarily. And he always drew away and whenever he did that, I realised what I've done and got embarrassed.

As if this wasn't enough, I had to dance with my teacher again. Then, we had to make a move in which I had to gave a 360 degrees turn but I grabbed his hand and turned to the other side. Then, he told the class to stop everything and said "This one here wants to lead!" then, he dragged me to the point where we should start to dance again (every single pass) and before starting he said loud so every one could hear "Teaching women who wants to lead instead of letting the gentleman leads it's hard! They're too stubborn to learn that they must obey! You must obey. It's the gentleman and not the lady who leads in the dance!"

It was like saying "I'm the master and you're the dog! A very bad bad bad dog! YOU MUST OBEY!!! " 

I felt so embarrassed. But just laughed as if I was taking that as a joke.

So, the problem is that I'm dancing as if I'm the gentleman and I'm dancing too fast. But am I so hard to be taught that they get so impatient? If I could, I'd like to start dancing with them  just like they dance...but I can't. I'm a newbie and I love to dance!

But I hate to left every class feeling like a burden. Feeling like I must apologise all the time! For God's sake! I'm there to be taught!!!

Anyway, they'll have to tolerate me because I'm not giving up!

At least, no so soon !!!

31st Dec, 2009

Lierre Foest's


Hello, dear flist!!!

I wish you all a wonderful 2010, full of joy, success, happiness, health, wonderful and unforgettable moments !!!


27th Dec, 2009

art by carambatak2

Sweet December!!! ;-)

It seems like ages since the last time I wrote an entry here.... Well, RL is not as indulgent as we would like it to be.

I had a very hard year. It was very stressful ... well, to sum up, it was really, really bad. But then, December arrived. December is always a balm for wounds and pains. Thank God is so difficult to not be optimist during this wonderful month.

I had a great Christmas. During Christmas's Eve, we had a blackout in my aunt's neighborhood (where our party was placed) and half the party was lit by candles and lanterns. About an hour later, the lights came back and we enjoyed a lot. The Christmas lunch was amazing as well.

Now, my family and I are preparing the New Years's Eve party. I'm so anxious... I'm even really considering writing those "to do list"for the next year. Well, this is wonderful. Considering this year, this is really a big progress.

Well, I wish to all of you a great 2010, full of joy, success and health!!! ;-)

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